Event Agency in Breukelen

Event agency Kalii Events will proudly present the unexpected elements that respond to current trends that suit an entrepreneurial event. Organizing an entrepreneurial event means creating a certain atmosphere at Kalii events. Creativity and imagination can always be used. It can be wilder and more exciting.

Kalii Events arranges things slightly differently than usual, so that we make participants enthusiastic and keep them fresh and alert. We create a memorable event with a thrill factor and provide a nice memory. If you like to expand your network or develop yourself, be welcome at one of our events.

Corporate events

Event agency Kalii Events will proudly present the unexpected elements that respondto current trends that suit an entrepreneurial event.


Entrepreneurship requires skill, dexterity and various entrepreneurial skills. The “do- seminar” offers you opportunities to build bridges between your company and your customers.

During the seminar, experts in the field will help you to highlight several sides of entrepreneurship to broaden your knowledge in your business.

Ample attention is paid to interaction and you get to work with subject experts in a practical way. You can immediately apply what you have learned in practice. You can learn creative thinking in different ways and that is how you learn to do business differently.

Network meetings

A large network is so important for a successful company. Several people together know more than one and you can learn from other professionals. Several times a year, Kalii Events organize various network meetings for entrepreneurs in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Stichtse Vecht and Rhenen of any group size, regardless of the type of theme, nature and character.

Whether you find it easy or difficult to Network as an entrepreneur, that is no problem for us. When you enter you always get something to make networking easier. Our Host and hostess welcome you in a unique, creative and professional way. We provide a great first impression, so that the mood is set right away. It is an informal atmosphere with fun.

Business association

Networking is the way to build and maintain new business relationships effectively, successfully and in a relaxed manner. That is why Kalii Events has founded the entrepreneurs’ association for small entrepreneurs (companies) with the aim of: Meeting, development, cooperation and professionalization.

The network events are actually a kind of informal, casual and cozy gatherings, where the approach gives you the feeling that you are together at a club of friends, where relationships can be built in a pleasant and effective way with a focus on business.

Together we grow!!