At Kalii events we want you to stand out as an entrepreneur. That is why we organize seminars, network meetings and conferences with interaction, content, and we create ‘buzz’ with a creative theme.

We create an experience. We create entertainment. We inspire. Everything with the aim of creating an active work situation for you.

As soon as you put the first foot inside the door, watching, listening and leaning back are a thing of the past. It is a matter of course, because our events are more exciting. Our events are full of unexpected elements and contain interesting insights and great moments.

Would you like to develop further as an entrepreneur? Come to our seminars, network meetings or congresses and we will stimulate you in a positive and unique way.

Agenda 3 October 12 December Breukelen

Spreken in het openbaar

Do you have that too? When you break out in a sweat and then Uuhmm, aaaiii I don’t know anymore. And then you’re standing there…….. What should I do now? Speaking in public is quite a challenge, but it can certainly be learned for everyone!

Do you want to learn how to present for a small group of people? The public speaking seminar is aimed at giving you all the tools you need, from giving a small speech to a major presentation.





Agenda 10 October 14 November 19 December Breukelen

Entrepreneurs book meeting

Talking about books together and meeting new entrepreneurs, that’s the fun of this entrepreneurial meeting the book club. As an entrepreneur it is important to keep knowledge up to date and to acquire new knowledge. Of course also a nice way to network with other entrepreneurs through this way.
We are going to treat an entrepreneurial book in different ways and work with different themes.

Agenda 24 October 7 November Utrecht

Netwerk event “Good Morning”

Good morning! Bonjour! Guten Tomorrow!

Network together while enjoying a delicious cup coffee or tea and make contact with other entrepreneurs and also experience an inspiring morning. This network meeting is an ideal way to start your day.

Agenda 6 February 16 April 18 June Utrecht

Entrepreneur book meeting Utrecht

Talk about books together and new

Agenda 1 March 2 March 12 April 13 April Breukelen

Entrepreneurs startup

Have you always dreamed of starting as an entrepreneur, self-employed person and have you finally made the decision? Starting a business is actually very easy. You register with the Chamber of Commerce and that’s it, but unfortunately in practice things work a little differently. Entrepreneurship is just like sports. It requires good preparation.

In this 2-day start-up you will set up a company. You write a business plan and receive practical tips and instructions so that you can immediately apply what you have learned in practice.
Come and join us!

Agenda 14 May 11 June 9 July 30 August Breukelen

Entrepreneurial qualities

How confident are you of your qualities? And what qualities can you learn as an entrepreneur?
Qualities come from within, but you can certainly develop your qualities. It is sometimes difficult to put your own qualities into words.

If you act from your own strengths, this will have a positive effect on your communication and that of another entrepreneur.

During these interactive seminars you will investigate what your qualities are. Together with other entrepreneurs you get creative with your core qualities.
Agenda 17 May 4 June 2 July 23 August Breukelen

Entrepreneurs business plan


You have a lot of ideas in your head for starting a business. Anyone can come up with an idea, but turning this idea into a successful company is much more difficult. That is why it is always useful to clarify your idea in a business plan. But yes, you doubt: “is it really useful? Can I do it without a business plan?