Entrepreneurial qualities

Entrepreneurial qualities

How confident are you of your qualities? And what qualities can you learn as an entrepreneur? Before you start working together or starting your own company, it is useful to know what your core qualities are.

Qualities come from within, but you can certainly develop your qualities. It is sometimes difficult to put your own qualities into words. Consider, for example: Entrepreneurs who seem very insecure, and other entrepreneurs who hesitate, so that people do not go into business with you. This can of course be very annoying for you. Another example is that an entrepreneur turns self-confidence into arrogance, to which one can react quite allergically. This can hinder cooperation and the ultimate goal you want to achieve. If you act from your own strengths, this will have a positive effect on your communication and that of another entrepreneur.

During these interactive seminars you will investigate what your qualities are. Together with other entrepreneurs you get creative with your core qualities. You work out different parts and test them for feasibility. You will receive feedback from other participants and, of course, practical tips. At the end of the day you think in terms of qualities.

For whom?

For entrepreneurs who want to discover their hidden qualities.


  • Discovering your own qualities
  • Application of your own qualities
  • Theory core qualities.
  • The connection between hidden qualities and limiting beliefs.
  • Learn to deal with your allergies.
  • Practical tips on a situation

Practical information

Time: 9.00 – 17.00
Address: Stinzenlaan 15
Location: Breukelen
Costs: €170,00 p.p.

Included map
max. 7 person.